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This week’s Sunday thoughts are only brief. I’ve enjoyed a busy week, but it has been one of routine and with little to report. Bookings are vital for all 2023 events, and this year will be packed houses for every occasion. The bookings for Newark and Lincoln are truly taking these Well Being Events to a new dimension!

One comment worthy of note:

Claire mentioned that she thought my comment about the Well Being Brand in last week’s submission seemed a little abrasive. My reply was clear, and I am immensely proud that the Well Being signature is being used by other people. The acknowledgement demonstrates how effective the idea behind the Well Being theme has become. Right back in 2015, Ian wrote about the two-word wellbeing concept. The idea was to bring people to our shows and guide them on ways to become a Well Being. None had thought of the concept before this or suggested the idea on any public platform.

I asked Ian if this was an accurate statement, and his reply: ‘We have screenshots of every event organiser’s websites at that time. I have always kept a careful reference to our statements and website information and see how and when others follow the ideas, wording, capitalisation or other original concepts. It is fascinating how much we have influenced the genre! I’m proud to have had such an effect. With the text tracking, we also have a greater insight into the ways people use and replicate the LEN platform.’

The plans for this event are well advanced, and we’ll be announcing the event hopefully during August. We are 100% working on a new style of event for 2023. And when launched, it will be seen as another innovative and different event. Although, it still encompasses the Well Being Brand’s ethic and ethos.

Final Words

The coming week is the international Well Being Week, and of course, we will be focused on this aspect of The Well Being Shows for the next six days. Visitors to LizianEvents News will find the articles about Well Being Community Therapists and Healers of great interest. Incidentally, if anyone wishes to contribute to wellbeing or alternative therapy articles, your ideas and thoughts are welcome on this busy platform.

Enjoy your week:

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