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Hello Sunday Friends,

Have you thought about the climber’s dedication to the objective of climbing to the summit? This is an interesting meditation. And one which is just right for those moments when we are considering a new idea or objective. preparation and dedication are siblings to the fulfilment of the objective. One can use the idea with any project, most can be seen as a climb to the top.

Of course, we have to ask, should there be a reason for the assent? Edmund Hillary Hunt said the reason he climbed My Everest was ‘Because it is there.’ Maybe this is enough of a reason for doing anything. It seems probable those who enjoy the climb more than the outcome will gain more satisfaction in their lives. Standing at the top of the world, having fulfilled the objective is a testament to the whole project, not the finality.

And few who watch are concerned about the descent. Once the toil is over, there is another more arduous task, equal to and more time-consuming than the first climb. And it is the tidying of the route, leaving the ecology as it was found, that matters, and will be seen days or weeks after the event.

I am always conscious of how the legacy of one’s endeavours is perceived. Do we leave messages of excellent organization and communication or is there room for improvements? The idea of climbing the mountain is important, however, the descent and legacy are in need of consideration.

The reason for this thought is the possibility the Victoria Market in Nottingham which is LizianShop’s present location may close. And I wonder if there is sufficient legacy for people to travel to a new location. Of course, there is! But I realise the need to heighten the customer awareness of the possibility and keep them informed about the situation.

And here is the conclusion to the Sunday Thoughts:

No matter how hard we work to secure our futures. It is the legacies left which encourage people to see the endeavours in a positive light. If we desire to grow and prosper and overcome enforced change, we do so from clear reflection and assessment of past actions. Many will ask me to consider the idea of working in the present as the best way to future security. My reply is, that the present is where new ideas are tried and established methods are cultured. It is the past when people assess one’s creditability.

Have a great week:

Liz Clark ~ LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. A typically thought provoking piece.

    The ascent of a mountain is only half the job. As you rightly point out the descent can be even more challenging. Going up, without returning is a lesser achievement.

    The impact and legacy of a business can mean different things to different people. Good businesses are about good people, where they operate from is of secondary importance. To the owner it must be about profit, to the customer it tends to be about value and the overall experience.

    Legacy is important, but as Bruce Springsteen suggests in his song from “Darkness on the edge of Town”, “You gotta prove it all night, every night”.

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