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In a week’s time, the doors to the Staffordshire Well Being Show will be open for the second day. How will the event fair? Well, there is every expectation of a successful event. Pre-show ticket sales are brisk, mailouts have enjoyed over 21% openings, and the attendance means the show is at capacity.

With over 60 attending community members and the three-room thirty talks schedule, there is every reason for people to attend the event. We have high expectations for the event. It is one which genuinely fulfils the ethos of a Well Being Show. With more healing genres, Reiki, Reflexology, massage, spiritual healing, Shiatsu, Sound baths, Tai Chi, drumming workshops and sessions. A superb range of retail opportunities, fair trade, ethically sourced silver jewellery, crystals, incense, and esoteric goods. We are well covered with music and entertainment. And of course, there is not a bank holiday in sight! This adds up to the Staffordshire Well Being Show being a super weekend event.

Reiki Article

I was a little reticent when Ian asked me to write an article based on my ‘Reiki Thoughts’. I knew that one essay would be insufficient, and there was a need to write in a balanced way. With so many different ideas, schools, and personal opinions, I wondered if there was room for another. I need not have worried. The feedback and kind words of support for the first article have been uplifting. Thank you to Roz, Stewart, Jenny and Lear for your messages. The next instalment is published on Wednesday.

Another Article

I am also immensely pleased with the feedback gained with Monday’s ‘Successful Stall’ article. This is the first of a series based on becoming a trader and how to set up an impressive and memorable trading stall. There are over 20 years of market and event trading experience in the articles, and it shows. Again, those who have read the articles will see excellent feedback. Thank you for your support and comments.

New Format

Finally, to write we are pleased with the new fixed format of LizianEvents News is an understatement. Already the reading figures have climbed by an average of 50 people each day! This remarkable figure indicates that offering a weekly calendar attracts more people to the pages. Anticipating an event or article brings in the readers, and everything done to heighten awareness of the Well Being Brand increases the probability of more significant show attendance numbers.


I feel this week has been productive on many levels. The gratitude for continued support at The LizianShop, support and acknowledgement for the changes made to LizianEvents News, and the immense interest in every Well Being, Pure Spirit and Sarah May’s shows means busy times ahead. As we grow, so does the Community. As we establish our brand and Visitor base, we become stronger within every aspect of the organisation.

We must concentrate on consistency, holding a solid footfall of Visitors from show to show. As loyalty and dedication of the Community to the Well Being Show’s purpose are recognised by Visitors, I see no reason why we should not go from strength to strength.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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