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I’ll inevitably write about the success of the Newcastle Well-Being Show. It was, of course, a superb show and is acknowledged as an overall success. The talk schedule was an absolute hit with the community and visitors. Catering and facilities were faultless. We have taken note of the suggestions made by some visitors, and slight changes to the menu will be made in 2023.

The growth of visitor numbers is evident, and we must thank Paul and Debs, who have promoted the show locally. Starting a new show in a new area demands diligent and consistent promotion. And although many believe social media is the lens of advertising, many of the visitors arrived due to flyers and posters distributed in the lead-up to the event.

Not only did we secure a high percentage of local exhibitors, but it was also great to see so many community members who travelled up to two-hundred miles to attend. Their determination to travel and trade demonstrates their faith in the show. Our thanks and gratitude to all who made this such a special event.

The consistent message given by visitors is how incredible the atmosphere is. And this is the result of the attitude of the people who stand. People feel the vibes and sense happiness and success. When the exhibitor’s buzz, so do the attendees. This ‘feeling of success’ is contagious. When people feel relaxed and at ease with the environment, the exchange of wisdom and knowledge is more significant, resulting in greater success.

I spoke to a community member who seemed to be having a ‘slow start.’ I was immediately dismissed with the reply, ‘Liz, the atmosphere is fantastic. I have already sold a course and taken the deposit! My overheads were covered during the first hour.’ With this type of positive attitude, the future is bright.

A positive attitude is a key to the success of any venture and, most important when working with strangers. The second someone begins to moan amongst colleagues, the outcome is inevitable. The Well Being Community understand the power of a positive attitude and determination to make every opportunity count. And the policy works and is key to the long-term future of The Well Being Brand.

I am so proud of the diligence and determination of The Community. And the people who are part of the Well Being Brand have made it what it has become. The unique reputation for quality and high standards seep through every atom of the shows. And people acknowledge the unique quality. Cameron (the weekend’s site manager) commented that he had to search hard to find a comparison, where the attitude of all who attended was so positive and uplifting.

My final words this week are Thank You. My gratitude to all of the people who make these shows happen, Their dedication to detail and determination to succeed in the long-term is evident with each show. We cannot dispute the identity of The Well Being Brand is becoming ingrained in our visitors’ hearts. I do believe 2023 is going to be a fantastic year, and we will grow and see more tremendous success.

Enjoy Your Week
Liz Clark ~ MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. Newcastle was unquestionably a success.

    I always ask every person at our stall where they have come from, and how they heard about the show. What astonished me was the reach of the show, right across cumbria to Barrow, Carlisle and Penrith, and as far south as whitby and hartlepool, and north to Morpeth.

    The venue is the best, and my favourite of the Lizian events. The racecourse is magnificent, the meetings, with up to 30,000 of our target socio economic audience attending ,provide a superb advertising opportunity for the shows, we are lucky that the regionally renowned Burradon Stakes take place the month before our next shows. The next shows could be the best attended yet.

    Lizian’s faith in the Region,Paul and debbie, the Brand and the community has been vindicated. our only threat is complacency.

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