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Thank you to everyone who responded to the booking email this week. With confidence, we can expect a fantastic year of events. And I thank many of you who have chosen to be loyal to your Well Being Shows. Most of us feel what is happening with the shows. And the response from Ian’s Facebook live was (at the time of recording), and since reposting here on LEN very uplifting. I have asked Ian to add the recording in this “Sunday Thoughts”.

Community Profiles:

I’m also using this opportunity to ask Community Members to look out for the email asking for promotional information. We need to update your information for 2023. A few words about your work and up to date contact information is needed. It is for you and the visitors benefit as it helps them decide who they will visit during an event.

Bookings for the three remaining events Knowle – Lincoln – Pure Spirit (Newark) are excellent. There are a few stands left at Knowle, sorry no readers spaces left an with three weeks to go I’ve no doubt this will be a superb event in an excellent venue. Plenty of room for growth in the area and very much like Newcastle, much needed in the locality.


With so much negativity in the world, I find it interesting that people who work in our environment have such a positive outlook. When I talk to customers at the market, they all have good feelings about their futures. Is this because people who follow alternative lifestyles have less dependence on material support? They seem to treasure their spiritual beliefs and esoteric possessions with great care. And their self-support comes from meditation and searching for alternative lifestyles. Many are dedicated to fitness and healthy diets. And prefer to see the good and brightside of people not the bad and darks aspects of people’s character.

And this is where I’ll end this week’s Sunday thoughts. I’m asking you to see the best in everyone and everything this coming week. And why not? When we seek the positive aspects of life, life becomes better and more successful. It comes of no surprise to any one who is focused on wellbeing that being successful comes from working within what is available and people who have the same attitude and ideas. No one can dispute that working together and mutual support is key to happiness.

Have a great week ~ And thanks to all of you for your support and dedication.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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