Number one comment: Thank you to everyone who has emailed and given us the most incredible support for our stance on stand and deposit payment returns. What is impressive is the number of people who do not stand with The Community at The Well Being Shows making comment: some of the stories read are shocking. Of course, we cannot comment on the information, but we assure The Community this organisation will always support and nurture the future of them and The Well Being Shows. We will always make the right choices even though they will, at times, be hard to make.

This weeks choices:


A major clean-up of LEN. A decision to remove information associated with those who have made vindictive statements against our organisation is instigated. Remember, we cannot be affected by the words or statements of others. However, we are NOT prepared to allow significant investments of time and resources made by The Community be damaged by the vindictive minded. Now is the perfect time to Spring Clean the site and clear out the debris.

For the time being the site is simplified and focusses on The Community and the shows later in the year. Every aspect of LEN is driven towards connecting Visitors, Community and Friends. Be clear, the number of people who visit this site is substantial, use it to your advantage.


The Creativity Connected Show for 2020 will not go ahead. Our choice is to use The magnificent Lady Eastwood Centre for an extraordinary show in July. Its title ‘Celebration of Well Being’  explains the premise of the event which will enjoy many attributes. What are they? You will have to wait: Ian and I are not allowing anyone to steal our ideas on this one.


We have lowered stand prices of for all 2020 shows. The ‘Celebration of Well Being Show’ will have exceptionally keen table prices as we have chosen to subsidise the event. We MUST give The Community every opportunity to thrive in the later months of this year. And from what I have read, it is almost certain, the way the shows are considered will be changed forever. You can be assured we will be at the forefront of positive change and evolution to advantage those who choose to work with us.

Ian and I will be recording many podcasts over the next two months. And we will be releasing three online courses for Vistors and Customers to enjoy. I will also be updating The LizianShop website, so there is plenty of work for us to do from our home HQ! We look forward to working with The Community and helping them to prosper in the coming months.

If you have products to sell or online service to provide: Use LizianEvents News and LizianEvents Facebook Group to promote your endeavour. Do not give up on letting people know you are still here and working toward the future. The strength and connections of LizianEvents News and LizianEvents Group MUST not be underestimated. Use them to YOUR advantage.

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