I’m beginning wonder how my life will be when the country begins to return to a semblance of normality. Please sign off here if you believe we’ll be in lockdown forever. The situation cannot continue in its present state.

I look at how Ian and I have retuned our daily life and the way we run our businesses. No doubting we have made progress and adapted daily to the restrictions. And because of the changes made: when the doors reopen we will have a busier shop than before and by the looks of the interest in LizianEvents: I am sure trade and will grow in the coming months.

Frankly, I’m not interested in anyone with a negative attitude. The ‘what if’s and ‘I don’t think we’ll ever return to normal’ are referencing restrictive mindsets and are self-limiting and what was normal anyway? I’m certain there were tens of people who do not understand my ‘normal’ way of living or running a business. A woman referred to images of our empty market, saying: This is what your positive thinking means’. How can this be so? It is the thinking of the people who choose to throw in the towel or wallow in a year of doing little to promote their business that decimated the market. Not my positive attitude. You see the market is my trading floor and how I choose to take advantage of the facility is the reason for my success. I ask all Community members, Exhibitors and Stall holders to understand this important observation.

Our work to promote and increase visibility will continue. We have a superb and healthy promotional platform. We do not say ‘working behind the scenes to bring you something new: which will be announced at some other time! Our work is visible and transparent. There is no point in offering carrots and possibilities. People need facts and information. We have been subjected to many U turns and speculation is unwelcome. The object of LizianEvents is to give Community Members, Exhibitors and Stall Holders a fantastic place to trade. No argument to this factual comment.

My object is for people prosper and find success. I know working together and sharing experience is how we will secure our futures. And anyone who chooses to take advantage of what is offered has every possibility of gaining by being part of the Community-based events. And the connectivity works, here is an example. Read an email from a Community Member, and as money is mentioned, I’ll not reveal the sender.

Hi Liz:
I want to thank you and Ian for your continued support of my business. In January, I received an email from a potential online client. I have worked with her online during the last three weeks. My fees were over 300 pounds. Only after the final session did she inform me she found me through LizianEvents News. My business exhibited at the Well Being Shows twice, paying information stand prices. Although we certainly gained clients from being at the Lincoln Well Being Shows: we
decided not to stand again: as personal time spent over the weekend seemed too much. I have now reviewed this policy and book with you for June. The online consultation mentioned has more than paid for the earlier stand fees. I now realise, the effort you put into LizianEvents News and the between show policy is worth more than the stand fees.
Many Thanks, NXXXXS

When someone says to me: ‘Your shows do not work for me’, My reply is ‘They certainly work for many people who return to the events time and again. The choice is to take advantage of what is offered or not: and the successful do not use a gambler’s mindset (which is only to see the winning days, not the overall reality). And do not think I’m being harsh. Surely it is in my interest for an exhibitor to succeed and continue to return? As organisers we cannot be responsible for how an individual works their stand. We can provide every opportunity. But (for example) if the choice is to leave the stand, spend more time texting than talking to Visitors, or moaning, then the outcome is inevitable. And I’ll refer you to my previous comment about event or market style trading: “You see the market is my trading floor and how I choose to take advantage of the facility is the reason for my success. I ask all Community members, Exhibitors and Stall holders to understand this important observation.”

Our objective is to provide ways for Community, Exhibitors and Stall Holders to prosper, and this does not only include time invested during the events. Success comes from continuous promotional awareness. And being a non-profit focused organisation means we can reinvest without reference to personal gain. Seeing the prosperity and success of the Community: Exhibitors and Stall Holders is the primary reward for our activities.

Here is our pledge:
Exhibitors and Community Members can turn up set up and trade. There is no need for a deposit. Payment for the stand will be due 30 days before the event. If the authorities choose to halt the event fees are returned less a five-pound administration fee. There is nothing more to write about the ease of standing at the event. Or the possibility of losing immense amounts of money.

Community Exhibitors and Stall Holders can be sure of:
Community and traders receive the best pre-event promotion.
Receive the best value for money stands.
Work in a superb venue with world-class facilities.
Have more than sufficient social distancing space between stands.
Excellent well-ventilated trading area.
Unlimited free parking.

Visitors can be sure of:
The organisers are meeting and exceeding all authority guidelines.
Unlimited free parking less than a one-minute walk from the entrance.
Plenty of disabled parking within 100 metres of the entrance.
Pre-booked ticket entry channel.
Downloadable market guide.
Up to date event information on our social media streams.
Up to the minute event information on mailing lists.
Superb catering facilities.
Facilities cleaned throughout the days of opening.
LizianEvents will work beyond all safety guidelines to make your event memorable and one to enjoy.

Never has there been a more critical time to review the future and understand how to navigate the difficult times ahead. I know for sure we will provide every opportunity for the Community – Exhibitors and Stall Holders to prosper in the coming months and years. There is no working behind the scenes’ We ARE and HAVE BEEN working in plain sight. Take advantage of what you can see.

Liz Clark MD
LizianEvents Ltd

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